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Welcome to CasinoGamesHQ! We you’re casino game headquarters.

On you can learn betting tactics and strategies to improve your odds against the casino. I’m a pro level blackjack player however almost all the casinos already know me so I don’t usually get a true fair chance at most casinos I visit. That make’s it difficult to be a true pro so basically its a hobby for me that I fanatically love and can do pretty amazing moves with. I really enjoy playing 21 aka “blackjack” and hope to share my knowledge with you about how the game truly works and casino tricks and traps to avoid.

I also plan to add free casino games to this blog so in addition to getting a free education on becoming a skilled advantage gambler you can also practice betting strategies and play online casino games for fun on CasinoGamesHQ. Until then I suggest practicing on GambleRock’s free games. It’s a free social casino with games you love to play such as Free Slots 777 by DragonPlay, Starburst slot machine by NetEnt and T-REX 2 by Realtime Gaming online casino software. GambleRock casino allows players to chat on all games pages and forums. Players share their own personal ratings of all internet casino providers, mobile games and online gambling apps on the GambleRock website.

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CasinoGamesHQ (CGHQ) is my passion project to helping other gamblers. I have had a pretty rough go at the casinos in my lifetime. I have an addictive personality so there were times that gambling addiction was a real problem for me. I know how terrible it feels and destructive it can be. If I can help anyone to avoid those dangerous pitfalls then I’ve done something meaningful to help another person. That’s what life is about in the end.

If you find yourself feeling bad about yourself while your gambling and after you lose you might want to consider stopping. If gambling is affecting your life (such as losing family ties, work loss, money problems, health, love and aspirations then its time get help.

If you bet responsibly gambling is a truly entertaining pastime. One of my favorites next to snowboarding. I get the same adrenaline rush playing blackjack that I get from snowboarding down the mountain at 50 miles per hour.

I hope that you enjoy my writings and come back often to read my latest articles. Updating the site as often as possible is my plan for Casino Games HQ.