CGHQ takes on the topic of gambling covering the need-to-know facts about gambling online and in land based casino resorts. I’m a huge gambler myself and have learned a few hard know lessons of the do’s and don’t of gambling in my time as a high stakes gambler.

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What is Gambling?

Also commonly known as betting or wagering, “gambling” is the process of placing a bet or wager (an amount of money) on the outcome of an event such as the spin of a slot machine reel or which horse will be next the Triple Crown winner. Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the United States of America. Slots, social casinos, poker, daily fantasy sports (DFS), lottery, eSports, scratch cards and even CSGO gambling sites are each a unique and vibrant sector of the iGaming market for gamblers to explore.

Traditional casino games are what people usually think of first when someone mentions going gambling. The casino is the logical destination. If you’re a risk seeker then you might be interested in our review of online slot machines.

What is Responsible Gaming?

Here at CGHQ we promote responsible gaming to all of our readers. First off, you must be 21 years and older to access and play any games on our website. If you gamble on the internet for real money then please bet responsibly. This means determining your budget (gambling bankroll) and not wavering from it no matter what happens.

Responsible gambling also means playing for entertainment only. Don’t enter the casino with a false illusion of getting rich. If you’re fortune you’ll get a big win early. If that does happen to you, cash out instantly and go home.

Online vs Offline Gambling

Online vs Offline Gambling

These days people have options on where and when they’re going to gamble. While traditional casinos and horse racetracks still bring in lots of gamblers, the internet has changed the landscape of gambling possibilities. Now people can places bets on casino games over the internet. Online sports betting is also becoming a super popular activity for many bettors. There are some really good gambling guides which provide people with the information needed to decide where to bet online.

Once such site called Wagerz offers visitors full coverage of the best online gaming sites they can go on to place real money bets. You can go to their website at to find more information on the different types of gambling sites legally available to people in the United States of America.

Currently, internet sports betting is legal in 15 states compared to online casinos which are only regulated in just 5 states. The general trend towards internet gambling in the United States is moving towards legalization and regulation. This is good for both gamblers and the US economy as a whole.

Is Online Betting Legal?

Yes in many parts of the world it is legal to bet online and regulated by local government gaming regulation boards. I can’t and don’t provide legal advice. The best advice I can give is to research the local gambling laws where you live before gambling on the internet with real cash.

If online gambling is legal where you reside then you’re in luck. Be sure to choose an approved and locally regulated betting site for the safest and optimal internet gambling experience. Consider playing social gambling apps for free as a better means of enjoying yourself gambling without risking your financial health.

Google to Allow Online Gambling Ads in the USA?

Lately there has been some buzz in the marketing and search engine world about the possibility of Google re-opening the doors to legal online gaming advertising for gambling sites in the US market. Their current policy on wagering ads is limited to only a few sports betting sites in New Jersey and Pennsylvania only. This could be opening up to more states soon if the rumors turn out to be true.

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