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CGHQ's Blackjack forum is the place on our website for talking about the casino game 21. There are many different blackjack rules and types of 21 tables games that all have little variations to them creating an entire new world of scenarios black jack players must navigate to find your way to the best blackjack tables in the house. I will talk some about single deck versus 6 deck blackjack and double deck 21 games. 

Many so called "blackjack experts" will make the argument that single deck is the best way to play since there is only one of each care and therefore its much easier to count on. I disagree with the notion that single deck is best for card counters because it does not account for the randomness of single deck blackjack depending on the shuffle and cut. Also, in single deck games the dealers often place the cut card in the middle of the deck. This does not allow enough deck penetration the player to take advantage of the true count. 

In Blackjack for a card counting advantage player, I think either double deck blackjack games or 6 deck table games where the dealer stands on all 17's (including soft 17 naturally). For most top level players double deck is probably the best way to play advantage blackjack.

I am a very high level player and actually prefer playing on the 6 deck shoes games. 

Websites like BJstats have useful blackjack stats and betting strategy techniques and informative web pages on how to play 21 like a professional based on statistics of the game. started in 2001 and was recently reborn with a mobile first responsive design that's both clean and fast loading. 

If you want to play black jack on the internet for money visit their section about blackjack online to find some of the best ranked online casinos for playing 21 with money for real.

Blackjack Stats is a reliable source for professional blackjack advice and high level betting strategy articles for highly skilled players of the game.

I suggest talking a look over the free blackjack apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. 

You can also play this free blackjack game on that good fun. UK players might want to try this free game from

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